by Sick Sad World

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A short and sweet collection of tunes by Sick Sad World, "Blews" aims to take you one step deeper into the cartoon, leave you one second longer in the afterimage, one drip closer to the bottom of the dream drain.
"BLEWS" by Sick Sad World is self-released on cassette tape for our 2016 summer tour with La Luz.

5/12 Seattle,WA @ The Future (w/ Lisa Prank, Kitten Forever, Autocaccoon)
5/13 Olympia, WA @ Stump House
5/14 Portland, OR @ ESB House (w/ Mope Grooves, Mike Sherk)
5/16 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground
5/17 Denver, CO @ Juice Church (w/ Petite Gargon, Total Goth)
5/19 Iowa City, IA @ Governor's Mansion (w/ The Blendours, Curt Oren, Liv Carrow)
5/20 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean (w/ La Luz)
5/21 Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue (w/ La Luz)
5/22 Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium (w/ La Luz, Shannon and the Clams)
5/24 Missoula, MT @ Stage 112 (w/ La Luz)
5/25 Calgary, Canada @ Palomino Social Club (w/ La Luz, Shannon and the Clams)
5/27 Vancouver, Canada @ Biltmore Cabaret (w/ La Luz)
5/29 Bellingham, WA @ Alternative Library (w/ Of*, Tall Grass)
5/31 Pendleton, OR @ Great Pacific (w/ La Luz)
6/1 Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios (w/ La Luz)
6/2 Arcata, CA @ Richard's Goat (w/ La Luz)
6/4 Santa Rosa, CA @ Arlene Francis Center (w/ La Luz)
6/5 Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater (w/ La Luz)


released May 12, 2016

all music written and performed by Jake Jones
recorded at the Vera Project
engineered by Nick Botka
mixed by Jake Jones
mastered by Ben Hargett



all rights reserved


Sick Sad World Seattle, Washington

Jake Jones and friends
Seattle Washington
seeking pop truth

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Track Name: Barely Hanging On
I used to be so strong
Now I'm barely hanging on
Now I'm barely hanging on
I used to be so tough
Now I think I've had enough
Now I think I've had enough

Like a snowman in the rain
Like another day down the drain
Tomorrow there'll be nothing left
Today feels like the same
And that's the way it goes when life's all wrong
I used to be so strong and now I'm barely hanging on

My future looked so bright
But I pulled the shades in tight
Now I'm dimming with the light

Pull myself across the floor
Try to muster up a little more
The walls are closing in
The ringing in my head can't be ignored
And that's the way it goes when life's so long
I used to be so strong and now I'm barely hanging on
Track Name: Skate Death
I was in a dream the other night
I was in a tunnel riding towards a blinding light
With my skateboard under me
I could feel the world through my bare feet
Far ahead now, out in front me
I could see a hundred miles of road
Straight to the beach
And when I get there I know
There will be no undertow

And we'll sail a sea of stairs
Catch the air
Drop in fast
Hold your breath
If you feel your life posessed
You gotta skate death

And as I ride off the wall
I know for sure that I won't fall
There's no one here at all but Me and You
and you skate death too
Track Name: Do Your Worst
Well we're getting something started and we're totally ready
The vision is complete and realized
We got everything we need and we're picking up speed
And we're gonna rid the world of fear and lies
The past has never been so far behind us
And The Future moves closer with every day
We got it in our hands and we'll throw it away
Because this is the time we've been dreaming of
Never going back to the way things was
Oh yeah yeah

We found a hole in the wall and we're going through it
And you can come too if you got the nerve
But we're only gonna get just what we deserve
So if you're feeling like it's true
Then I'm talking to you
Now how many times can you say you're gonna do it
Before something inside you won't take it no more
They'll tell you that you never should have opened that door
But maybe I'll see you on the other side
And maybe on the other side there are no sides
You don't know till it's over if you get off track
And if you wanna make it down below the black
You can't save anything for coming back

So do your worst for me
And let me see how far I go
I know that I can take it somewhere I don't wanna go
I think it's gonna hurt but I'm pretty sure
Track Name: Two Thousand Ten
It's 2010
We're gonna do it again
We're setting out on another odyssey

We're going back to Jupiter
Something amazing happened there
And we're hitting the road for the edge of the galaxy

We gotta do the best we can
Gotta find out what went down
Gotta find what happened to our men out there
And see if anyone's still around

This might be a one-way ticket
This could be the end of us
But in the name of science
And the Cosmos do we trust
But way out here it's more than one's and zero's so it seems
Sometimes it's dreams
Sometimes its dreams
Track Name: Giselle
Look outside
Did you notice that it's extra bright?
And the scene that was green
Is now serene and glowing white?
Oh my
So sublime
The snow is falling hard on our yard
And dropping down on our town
Do you want to go and walk around?
I can't skate home in the dark tonight
I'd be cold and alone and it wouldn't be right

So Giselle
Can I stay and sleep on your couch tonight?
If you're still up we can hang out all night
I wish I knew you well

What's that sound?
I don't think there's anyone around
Come sit closer to me and we'll lean a little over
Let our tangles come unwound
It's okay, you and me
We've got everything that we need right here
We got fire and light
I got you, we're alright
and we're not afraid of getting weird

Now it's no time to dwell on our pain and sorrow
And we both got nothing to do tomorrow

Can I stay and sleep on your couch tonight?
If you're still up we can hang out all night

This is my guitar
There are many like it but this one is mine
Got my four track tape recorder
I got my drum machine and my mic
But all of this shit is worthless
Without someone special to sing about
Can you figure it out?
Alright so I wrote this song, here it goes.. I hope you like it

Can I stay and sleep on your couch tonight?
If you're still up we can hang out all night
You're special I can tell